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What is your turnaround time?

First mixes are usually completed in 2-3 days but times can vary depending on project size. Additional production services can also increase turnaround time. Revisions can often be turned around within 1 day.

How many revisions can I make?

I offer unlimited revisions but ask that they are batched and separated into rounds. For example, all revision requests for a first mix should be grouped together and sent in a single email. If additional revisions are required after listening to mix #2, a new round of revision requests can be sent in the same fashion (and so on).

Will my tracks be delivered mastered?

All of my mixes will have my mastering on them. When you're happy to wrap up a project, versions with and without my mastering will be included in the final zip. I generally consider my masters ready for radio and streaming platforms but do not claim to be a professional mastering engineer and usually recommend you take them to a dedicated professional. For this reason, I don't offer mastering as a standalone service.

What will I receive after I sign off on a mix?

When you're happy with a mix, I will provide you with masters and pre-masters of the following: Main Mix, Instrumental Mix, Acapella Mix, PA Mix. If you require any additional versions or would like the mixed stems, just let me know and I'll be happy to provide whatever you need.

Do you offer discounts on larger projects like albums and EPs?


Yes! The exact discount amount can vary depending on the project but is usually around 10-25%. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.

How should I send my music for mixing?


You can find full instructions on how to prepare your tracks for mixing here. I work with audio stems only (no session files). I use WeTransfer for file sharing but you can send me stems using whatever platform you like, just make sure everything is easy to access and clearly labelled.

What gear do you use?


If you're looking for an engineer to nerd out over specific gear/software choices with, that's not me. I have always been results-driven and generally think of my equipment as a means to an end. If I find something functional and practical, it stays. If it sits around looking pretty but never proves useful, it goes (or likely never arrives in the first place!). In addition to high-quality studio monitors and headphones, your music will be assessed on many other systems throughout the mixing process, including PC, phone, Bluetooth and Hi-Fi speakers. This ensures your music sounds as great in the studio as it does in real life listening scenarios.

What kind of results can I expect?


There is usually scope for improvement in any track. That said, the final result will always be tied in some way to the quality of the starting material. Wherever or however your music was recorded, I will do my utmost to truly maximise its potential.

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